Our experience in deployments.               

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With the experience of the LASO Consulting team and applying the best techniques of the industry, our team is able to provide assistance in each of the steps of its implementation giving priority to the requirements of your business.

We develop a business solution that allows you to have a better relationship with your customers, increasing the productivity of your sales and making marketing campaigns more effective.

Following the steps of the BPM Methodology we know in detail the current business process situation, the new concept is formulated, which allows designing the new processes that guarantee the response times to the clients.  

The new processes are clear, simple and with strengthened activities supported by the system, customer-oriented, efficient and easy to understand.       


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At LASO Consulting our team of certified consultants in Dynamics AX will help you solve problems and evaluate your system through the monitoring of support cases that will allow diagnosing, documenting and solving problems based on best practices. 

You can count on our support to: 

·       Cumulative Upd. 

·       Code optimization.

·        Reimplementation of processes.

·       Creation and development of functionalities.

·    We also offer guidance on topics such as optimally configuring SQL Server, tuning queries and evaluating system performance and troubleshooting general performance issues.

Our team of certified consultants in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you diagnose, document and solve the problems that your D365 system presents.

You can control the support process from the first contact to the final resolution through the creation of tickets that will give you the visibility and follow-up you need.

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You can count on our support to:  

·       Infrastructure design

·       Configuration Health Check

·        Reimplementation of processes in ERP

·       Implementation of modules or new processes

·       Implementation CFDI 3.3

·       Implementation of electronic accounting

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In LASO Consulting we help you improve, speed up and access your systems in Azure through reliable support that covers the following aspects:

You can count on our support to:  

·  Storage


·  Azure Backup


·  Azure SQL server


·  Data warehouses


·  No SQL Database

·   Virtualization


·   AI (Artificial Intelligence) / Cognitive Services


·   Machine Learning


·   IoT