Turn your data into knowledge quickly and intuitively.

de forma rápida e intuitiva.   

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It is an open and flexible enterprise-class cloud computing platform, designed to implement and manage the entire lifecycle of applications and solutions, through a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft. 

What do you get with Power BI? 

Attractive reports that are then published for the benefit of the organization on the Web and on mobile devices. 

Creation of customized panels available to everyone. 

Unique business perspective, 360 degrees. 

Scaled at the business level, with government and security. 


·    Reduction of costs, by paying only the products you are using, providing significant savings in consumption, maintenance and support.


·  Flexibility, The Azure cloud allows you to quickly adjust the resources and power of servers according to the need at each moment, without investments in assets..


·   Availability based on a high redundancy infrastructure and the information is replicated in at least 3 physical locations. All this allows to ensure the continuity of the service and availability of your data.


·     Management of the entire business with intelligent applications that work perfectly in the Azure cloud, consolidating the capabilities of CRM business software and the Dynamics 365 ERP functionalities.

·  Mobility, with access to all information in real time. From anywhere, device and at any time.


·    Perfect integration with the office pack; Dynamics 365 natively integrates Outlook or Exchange and the office package, which allows a constant and practical work flow within the same platform.


·   Security, security regulations that comply with Microsoft Data Centers provide customers with the confidence that their data will be fully protected.


·  Centralization of information, in a single location where the volume of consultations is concentrated, minimizing costs of access and sending information Microsoft Azure.

Why you choose Power BI?

·   Power BI allows access to information in real time to identify trends. 

·  Power BI predictive intelligence can help you take proactive measures to correct actions and follow the right course to achieve your goals.

·  With questions and answers, Power BI allows you to make queries and get answers almost instantly in the form of graphs and diagrams that can be anchored to any panel.    

·   Easy to use with other Microsoft products and services, right from the start.  

·     Power BI has been created so that it is easy to use with Excel, Office 365, Azure and SQL Server.

·      Regardless of its origin Power BI allows you to connect the data, delete them, shape them, model them and visualize them with active reports and panels.

·  Being in the Azure cloud, your data is secure and costs are optimized thanks to its scalability.