Turn your opportunities faster, improve the sales cycle and add value to your customers with an easy and personalized service.   

It is a solution dedicated to the management of customer relations, which helps to achieve new business opportunities, through the integration of Marketing, sales and service.


Why use Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement? 

·     It is an integral solution, by grouping the sales and services marketing modules together with a specific configuration for each business, resulting in a unified solution that will give your customers a unique service experience that exceeds expectations.


·     Your needs are configurable and adaptable, from the forms to the most advanced configuration you can obtain a solution completely adapted to your business and needs in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.


·    Tiene la capacidad para integrarse a otros sistemas, con Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement se puede extender los servicios y funcionalidad con otras aplicaciones empresariales.

·     It is secure at the level of information and data protection thanks to the support of Azure, the data and information will be safe due to having a platform that handles strict security controls.


·  Simplified user experience, from a work panel you can access another step of the process, which simplifies the activities.


·       Synergy between Marketing departments, sales and services, all forces converge in a single solution easily accessible to users and view for managers, activities well differentiated by roles with confidence in data security.


·       Information in one place to make quick decisions based on real and reliable information.  

·   Performance indicators and reports for each module and in real time, each action is reflected in panels and KPIs where they can be measured, efficiencies, service levels, closing percentages among others. 

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Dynamics 365 for Sales

Module created to give the sales team the necessary tools for the timely follow-up of qualified prospects, increasing sales through the automation of the management of potential clients.  


·   Accelerate the closing of commercial operations, thanks to the experience of integral communication for the administration of opportunities.  

· Reduction of the closing time of proposals, through the prioritization of opportunities and the consultation of states of the follow-up to the proposals.

·  Improve the performance of the sales team, to have visibility of the performance of sales teams with analysis panels based on historical and predictive data can take actions on time.  

·      Increase the capabilities of your departments without the need of a physical location, thanks to its operation in mobile terminals


·    Get ​​a better understanding of the clients and anticipate their purchases by increasing cross-selling and up-selling

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

The Marketing module is designed to maximize the capture of leads and achieve faster conversions through the creation and control of multichannel marketing strategies from a single place.

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·     More effective marketing campaigns, thanks to a timely follow-up of the activities, controlled budget and real dates of activities versus planned.


·    Budget control and marketing resources, track the effectiveness of campaigns through the measurement of resources in easy panels and summaries in real time..

· Customized experiences through multichannel campaigns, multichannel marketing campaigns allow attracting customers through mail, landing pages, seminars and face-to-face events, etc. All coordinated from the same platform.

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Customer Service

This module allows a fast and effective interaction with its clients, offering a personalized service that adds value in each interaction achieving customer loyalty.


·   More loyal customers, thanks to a personalized attention service.


· Improves the capacity to respond to complaints, by having optimized and automated attention processes can deliver faster and more accurate responses.

·       Experiencias personalizadas a través de diferentes canales, el cliente elige como ser atendido sin perder la calidad de atención que requiere.


·   Unique repository of the interaction history with each client, regardless of the channel through which all your history is communicated will be stored in one place and classified by means of service tickets.