Unify financial processes and operations in one place, increasing financial performance and executing operations efficiently    

It is an ERP that provides a powerful integral business solution, where financial management, supply chain, manufacturing and operations converge in one place, achieving total control that will help you grow and keep your business connecte 


Financial management 

With this module you can comprehensively manage all the accounting of the company, from the management of assets, collections, efficiently manage the control of expenses and obtain a detailed financial information on all the accounting processes of the organization


This module gives you control of the entire production process, which goes from procurement to manufacturing processes, including adjusting production to demand, which improves the efficiency of the production life cycle 

Supply Chain 

Digitally transform your supply chain with an automated warehouse and inventory management to optimize visibility and compliance, Kardex details, product perspectives, materials supply and integrated logistics.


·     Key performance indicators (KPIs), this interface collects the key performance indicators (KPIs) set to analyze the evolution of your company, in addition to specific aspects such as sales, finance, inventory or human resources management, in intuitive graphics and panels and easy to access and with automatic updates of the information    

·    Simple and intuitive navigation, from the home screen you can easily access the modules, add favorites for faster access or you can start working and tape actions will be filled with the most used forms intuitively.    

·    Automation of payment and order processes that will give your customers a quick response before your demand needs.   


·  Unification of processes throughout the supply chain, interconnected to sales, purchases with production logistics management and warehouses   


·      Flexibility to integrate with external applications that will offer a better user experience and maximization of resources to strengthen operations.


·     Improved decision making, by creating a database with quality information, presented in simple panels that are updated automatically. 

·  Planning of future scenarios, you can make estimates of demand, future sales and cost estimates, thanks to the data and historical saved by Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. 

·  Greater control and traceability, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations facilitates the tracking and tracking of your products throughout the supply chain.   

·      Improves communication and interaction between departments, eliminating information barriers, creating a better work environment that results in better results.


·       Automatización de procesos y tareas, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations transforma las tareas repetitivas y las automatiza evitando duplicidades para aumentar la productividad.


·   Increased performance, thanks to the above benefits can be achieved an increase in profitability by having full control of operations, reliable predictions and better used resources.