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The benefits that a CRM tool should generate towards managing the relationship with customers

Guadalupe Soto
July 2019 — 724 views

7 reasons to choose Odoo as a management system for your company

Angeles Useche
July 2019 — 2078 views


Esperanza Soto
July 2019 — 949 views

Save marketing budgets in just one tool

Ramon Iturriaga
July 2019 — 1034 views

Management of the supply chain as the best option to increase profits.

Marcos Romero
July 2019 — 1022 views

Advantages of using the ERP in a new business

Atenas Guzman
July 2019 — 694 views

The Importance of hierarchical data in Power BI

Erick Jimenez
July 2019 — 717 views

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