Your platform and services in the cloud     

It is an open and flexible enterprise-class cloud computing platform, designed to implement and manage the entire lifecycle of applications and solutions, through a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft.

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Cloud Services


Through virtual machines, containers, batch processing and access to remote applications.

Web & Mobile

These services support the development and deployment of web and mobile applications.

Data Storage

Service for SQL and NoSQL, as well as unstructured and cached cloud storage.


These services provide distributed analysis and storage, as well as real-time analytics, big data analysis, data loops, machine learning and data warehousing.


Includes virtual networks, connections and dedicated gateways, as well as services for traffic management, load balancing and hosting of the domain name system (DNS).

Hybrid Integration

They are services for the backup of servers, the recovery of sites and the connection of private and public clouds.

Cognitive Services

It is a collection of intelligent application programming interfaces that allow systems to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret the needs of people through natural communication methods. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

These services help users to capture, monitor and analyze data from IoT, sensors and other devices. 


These services help application developers share code, test applications, and track potential problems.
Azure supports a variety of application programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, .NET and Node.js.


These products help cloud administrators manage their Azure deployments, schedule and execute jobs, taking control of the monthly costs of services.


We include capabilities to identify and respond to security threats, have access control, create VPNs, configuration of certificate stores, disaster recovery, geo-redundancy and service backups.


·   Reduction of costs, by paying only the products you are using, providing significant savings in consumption, maintenance and support.

·      Flexibility, The Azure cloud allows you to quickly adjust the resources and power of servers according to the need at each moment, without investments in assets.

·    Availability based on a high redundancy infrastructure and the information is replicated in at least 3 physical locations. All this allows to ensure the continuity of the service and availability of your data.

· Management of the entire business with intelligent applications that work perfectly in the Azure cloud, consolidating the capabilities of CRM business software and the Dynamics 365 ERP functionalities..

·  Perfect integration with the office pack; Dynamics 365 natively integrates Outlook or Exchange and the office package, which allows a constant and practical work flow within the same platform.

·    Security, security regulations that comply with Microsoft Data Centers provide customers with the confidence that their data will be fully protected

·     Centralización de la información, en una sola localidad donde se concentra el volumen de consultas, minimizando costos de acceso y envío de información Microsoft Azure.  

·   Mobility, with access to all information in real time. From anywhere, device and at any time.